Bridge closed for repairs

lindaunis bridge

The old bridge at Lindaunis in the Schlei of Northern Germany is out of order and has therefore been closed for repairs.

Unfortunately there has been no further notice given as to when it will be opening again. We hope the repair works are undertaken quickly so sailors can travel up and down the Schlei as soon as possible. For any sailors stuck with their boats on the wrong side of the bridge, we wish you some strong nerves.

There has been talk for a while of the bridge being replaced due to its unreliability in recent years. It is a lovely bridge, but only really practical if it is in order.

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Music for your ears

festival denmark smukfest bier music
Smukfest 2015. Photo by Helle Arensbak

After all those hours out on the water you sometimes feel the need to inhale some cultural tendencies. Music festivals are a great way to start.

Summer is festival time and alone in Denmark you have so many opportunities to go to music festivals, even after the big Roskilde and Copenhell festivals are long gone. There are several to choose from, starting from today in Samsø and Fejø. And there is a whole lot of Jazz going on out there!

Here are a selected few to kick off with:

Kamermmusikfestival: 20th-24th of July at Fejø.

Samsø Festival: From 20th-23rd of July in Ballen. This festival offers much more than just music! Info here. And you might as well stay on for the

Samsø Jazz Festival: From the 28th-30th July also in Ballen.

Grøn Koncert Tour: 21st-31st of Juli in several towns and cities. Check the website for dates and locations.

Copenhagen Summer and Opera Festivals: 31st of July-11th of August, for fans of classical and jazz music.

stage festival concert denmark
Smokiest stage 2015. Photo by Helle Arensbak

Femø Jazz Festival: 2nd-7th of August.

Ærø Jazz Festival: 3rd-6th of August in Ærøskøbing.

Smukfest: 3rd-7th of August in Copenhagen, got some big names playing here! Go to to check the line-up.

Ringkøbing Fjord Jazz: 11th-13th of August in Stauning Havn.

Madsby Rock: 27th of August in Fredericia,

Phono Festival: 6th-8th of October for all you late starters, in Odense,

So if you are around, take off your boaters and put on your dancing shoes. No excuses!

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