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boating the baltic is basically what we have been doing in our spare time for years, from as early and until as late as possible during the warmer seasons. And in summer holidays of course. For as long as we can. Every year we set off in a different direction, often stopping at spots we almost feel at home in. But we also discover new marinas, mooring spots, places to visit, sights to see, things to do. We aren’t finished yet, and luckily for us, hopefully, we still have some times up our sleeves.

meWe would like to share our experiences, likes and dislikes with you to make your baltic experience the one you are hoping for. We will grow and develop as time goes on, and welcome any recommendations from you too. Feel free to share your favorite spots, advice and experiences. That way we can all enjoy boating the baltic even more.


Kirstie, the Captain and the Crew


Feel free to contact us at: hello@boatingthebaltic.com

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