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As is typical of many websites, this site may passively collect your personal information, such as your country of access, time of access, viewed posts and pages, etc., through the use of Google Analytics and/or the Jetpack WordPress Plugin. This site does not store the information collected by these programs in a separate database and it does not sell or distribute this information. The information collected by these programs will not be combined with any personal information.

 Privacy in Information You Submit In a Comment or E-mail

The information you submit in a comment to a post or for a post topic suggestion for the site or is not private or confidential.  This information is public and is not protected by the attorney-client privilege or the work product doctrine.  If you discuss your personal situation via this site, in an e-mail, or via any of our social media channels, please be aware that your statements and the facts contained therein are public.


This site does not sell or give away your personal information, such as your name or e-mail address, that you provide in order to leave a comment.  If you comment on a post, we do not use the information you submit to send you anything and you’re information will not be sold or distributed in any way.


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