Ålbaek Denmark beach coast water baltic

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Harbour Master: +45 98 48 95 70, post@aalbaek-havn.dk · Website: aalbaek-havn.dk · Tourist office: +45 69 60 45 62 · Water Depth: >2.5m · Harbour fees: average · Supermarket approx 500m in the village · Suited to those who don’t need luxury


Aalbaek lies along the dunes on the northern tip of the Danish mainland not far from Skagen. It is nothing likes its neighbor, more quiet, more humble and homely.

We arrived here after two wonderful days in Skagen and were so pleased to find it quiet and relaxed, and still very jolly. Here you don’t need you own bbq, just go to the clubhouse and use the big one there. If you are lucky you might just arrive on the weekly night of the club singalong like we did.

Not knowing of it, we went to the bbq area and found a group of local club members enjoying a singalong with one member playing the accordion. We didn’t understand very much at all, but very much enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere. We took the folk song texts that were printed out for guests and tried to sing along. It was of course all danish. After we had finished eating the last song was just starting, to which everyone stood up, joined hands in a circle and sang together, and they wanted us to join in. So we did, or tried to. Very hearty, hygge and one of our favorite memories from that summer tour. In case you are wondering, it was a Thursday, and yes, they do it regularly!

Go, See and DoÅlbaek Denmark beach coast water baltic

Apart from the local folklore, the beach and dunes around Aalbaek are also worth visiting. the northern beach is full of small white shells, which is very astonishing. The water is great for swimming to.

If you are looking for a longer walk or ride, you can wander along the long beach or through the dunes as they stretch right up the coast. Also very fascinating is the dune Råbjerg Mile, which is pushing its way northeast, creeping towards Skagen at about 15 meters a year. It is under conservation so can’t be fenced in or stopped. For more general information on the dune, you can read here. At best you can walk or even better, ride there taking the main road from Aalbaek to Skagen and following the signs.

In Aalbaek you can throw a line and try your luck getting a fish or just watch the locals give it a go.

For supplies there is a supermarket in the village, just follow the main road from the marina and you will soon find it.

Ålbaek Denmark beach coast water baltic

Ålbaek Denmark beach coast water baltic

Ålbaek Denmark beach coast water baltic