Als Sund – Sottrupskov

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54°. 58.3′ N · 9. 44.9′ E


Sottrupskov is a small village at the northern end of the Als Sund. Here you can moor at the jetty or throw an anchor not far from shore.

With a southerly wind blowing you can anchor just off the jetty of Sottrupskov and enjoy the peace and quiet. There is not much to hear but birds and frogs on the eastern shore in the evening. The recently rebuilt viking boat from Nydam, just nearby is tied to the jetty, which is worth admiring too. This is a perfect place to find your quiet, and listen to the small waves lapping at the boat.

There are rubbish bins on land, otherwise no amenities. It is worth rowing onto land with a dinghy.

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Go, See and Do: 

If you have a dinghy, row to shore to have a closer look at the Nydam boat. These boats were rowed, not sailed, and are known to be the oldest type of boats used by the vikings.

While there, go for a walk along the 7,4km track that starts a the bottom of the main road near the jetty. It leads you through the village, over the hill, to the south across the fields, then back through the lush green forest, ending at the boat shed.