Avernakø – Korshavn

avernakø denmark water blue sky coast

55° 01.3′ N · 10° 31.6′ O


Tourist office: +45 63 75 94 44 · Harbor Master at main marina: +45 22 15 72 22 · Depth: >1.5m, first box only >1.80m · Harbour fees: below average · Electricity, but no water · WCs · Store and Kiosk on northern island · Fisherman nearby · Lots of quiet and nature

Avernakø is an idyllic island in the archipelago south of Fünen and as small and natural as it is, you will find your peace as it comes. It has two marinas, the main one in the north and Korshavn in the south.

If you are looking for some real peace and quiet and your boat isn’t too deep, try Korshavn. You might catch the first box, which can handle an 1.80m keel, otherwise you can moor in the bay or head up to the main marina.

Korshavn has a BBQ, bikes for hire, an honesty box for your fees, a great swing for the kids, and a club house in case of rainy weather. Most important of all, it has peace and quiet. If you are in the need of luxury or food supplies you might need to head to Fåborg, Søby or Marstal.

Go, See and Do:avernakø denmark boats water blue sky coast

From either marina you can walk, run or ride around the island’s narrow, quiet roads. Or go for a stroll along the stony beaches and find some rocks, listen to the birds peep, sit and watch the boats go by or listen to the grasses swishing from side to side in the wind. Just don’t try to do anything quickly, Avernakø invites you to decelerate, enjoy it while you can.

If you don’t have your own bike, just near the bbq-area are a couple of bikes for hire. For 2 hours it costs 20DK, 50DK for a day.  

Head towards the east and you will soon come across the local fisherman, where you can get some fresh or smoked fish. The types on offer depends on his catch at the time.

Further down the road you will come across a farmhouse that offers honey. Continue on and you will arrive at the south-eastern point where there is a villa nestled between the trees in a quiet bay. This is also a nice walk. Taking the road to the right at the marina will lead you over to the northern of the two islands, to the village where there is a small store. If you continue on, you will reach the main marina. Go for a cruise, it really isn’t far by bike!

The ferry from Fåborg arrives at the northern marina in case you need to whip over for some supplies and don’t wish to lose your spot, which could indeed be a good idea in Summer months.

This is a great place to get away from it all.