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54° 45.2′ N · 10°40.3′ E

Harbour master: +45 63  51 62 75 · · · Tourist office: +45 62 51 35 05 · Depth: Marina: >3m,  · Harbour fees: average, all incl · Free Wi-fi · Good for Fish, walking and bike riding

This harbour used to smell of diesel and oil as you entered it. Times have changed! Now it has become a cosy marina, great for families and those looking for good walking, and bike riding and some lovely local fish.

We popped by here last year to be positively surprised at the changes in to the harbour area. They are definitely for the better! The fishing fleet still has its place and there is now a great marina for boatspeople of the more leisurely kind. There is lots of room for kids to run around and play, so Bagenkop is worthy stop for families.

bagenkop langeland denmark water coast blue sun swamp birds country

If you need supplies, heard for Dagli Brugsen in the southwest of the marina. At Fiski you can get fresh and smoked fish, just a bit further down the road.

Go, see and do

Visit the little fishing museum Fiskeriets Hus just across from the supermarket on Havengarde. It is quite quaint but offers more than you think from the outside. Check the site for current opening hours.

Enjoy a walk around the swampy coast with all the birds and some horses. Just head north from the marina along the beach path toward Vestervej around Klise Nor and make you way back to the town. There isn’t much traffic to worry about.

If you enjoy the odd horse or two, there are wild Exmouth horses grazing just south of Bagenkop. Try to find one of the brochures that show the area they graze in and all the roads, paths and tracks that can take you there. Lots of children love to see all of the horses grazing. There are about 60 around.  If you can’t get you hands on a brochure, try to find the walking track leading off from Fredsbjergvej, just before Østergarde 62. Once you go around the curve, the track goes off to the left and heads south. You can do the short track and return from Søgard car park, or keep going down as far as Dovns Klint, either going along the beach or taking the track. For more information on the horses check here.

If you have bikes do go for a ride across the countryside You can go down to the southern most point Dovnsklint, past the wild horses, then back up and out to the lighthouse on the eastern side of the island Keldsnor Fyr, which isn’t open for visitors unfortunately. Then maybe go up toward Vognsberg, back across to Sønderbro. Take the main road back to Bagenkop. The countryside is lovely for a leisurely bike ride. Take a picnic with you!

If you are interested in local crafts, you can go stop by Ulla Keramik , a pottery store just outside Bagenkop along the main road.