55° 17.8′ N  ·  09° 48.2’E

Harbour office: +45 23 95 48 90 ·  Email: assenshavn@assens.dk  · www.assenshavn.dk/baagoe-havn · Depth:  >2.5m · Harbour fees: bit below average · Small Supermarket nearby · Suited to nature lovers

The little island of Bågø or Baagoe in Denmark’s Little Belt is often left to the locals as the majority of crews pull on by for destinations further to the north or south. We did that for years too. This summer we wanted to explore some new areas and stopped at the island in the middle of the Belt and were not disappointed at all. The beach is great, has lovely clear waters, the island is home to an abundance of birdlife and has very relaxed atmosphere.

Bågø offers a number of walking tracks and peace and quiet to go with it. You can be active here, but no need to if you’re not in the mood. If you need a short break on a longer tour, the island’s landmark lighthouse right near the harbour is worth stopping for. The facilities are open from April first until the 31st of October.

Go, See and Do:

The most popular pastime here is in fact walking, jogging or riding around the island and catching some birdwatching along the way. The tracks are well marked and easy to find. You can hire one of the bikes right at the harbour if you are quick enough to catch one. It is not very expensive at 25 Kr for 6 hours and you will cover the island in that time for sure.

You can meander over to the fishermen’s huts, across through the fields, up to the village with the church and supermarket, further north to the flats and back again through the swampier parts. Just pick the track suited best.

A stroll into the quaint village to view the church and the nature center with information on flora and fauna on the island and surrounds is worth the walk in any case.

If you stay on for a few days of relaxation you can catch the ferry over to Assens for supplies or a change of scenery. It takes about half an hour.