Genner Fjord

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55° 12,19 N · 9° 47, 76 O

Looking for a quiet place to throw anchor in the south-west of the Baltic? Try the Genner Fjord. It lies between Åbenrå and Haderslev along the Little Belt in southern Denmark. You can moor in several places along the coast here, depending on the wind and whether you plan to go on land.

Go, See and Do:

Apart from enjoying the quiet, you can paddle to land and go for a great walk or run through the forest on the south side of the bay, or on the north eastern stretch. There are beaches in Genner on the northwestern side if you hit some warmer weather. Otherwise just let time pass away while you sit and listen the birds sing.

If you like, you can paddle over to Kalvø and pop into the Badehotel for a meal. It is usually closed Mondays, and open in the afternoons and evenings. If you have children on board there is a large caravan park on the southeastern side that has a playground fit for all ages. It is right near the jetty and open for all.

Just to the west of the park the lovely forest begins with paths the lead you along the coast or inland between the wonderful trees. Along the way west don’t miss the swing that flies you out over a small cliff. It provides a bit of excitement for the not too small crew members.