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56° 07.7′ N · 12° 18.7′ E


Harbour master: +45 48 30 16 63 · · Tourist office: +48 30 01 74 · Depth: Marina: >3m · Harbour fees: average · Free Wi-fi · Great Fish!

Once just a fishing town, Gilleleje is becoming an attractive spot for sailors and other visitors the like. Its location on the northern tip of Seeland is a winner and with the modernisation in and around the marina it’s a spot well worth checking out.

Whether you need to stock up on supplies, get some fish, warm bread just out of the oven or just go for a stroll through the town or up along the coast, it’s up to you. The new swimming jetties on the eastern side of the harbour invite you in for a swim too. You might end up staying a day longer!

There are two main supermarkets, Fakta and Super Brugsen, both on the main road. The main bakery Thorups is on the corner of Havnevej and Gilleleje Hovedgade, not far from the marina at all.

Go, See and Do:gilleleje denmark seeland coast boats blue

Definitely go for a stroll along the coast to the east of the harbour. Follow the narrow streets south until you reach the path of Østergade that will take you along a lovely walk between the houses and the cliff. It is worth going as far as the lighthouse at least. You get great views and can indeed gather some inspiration for any architectural plans you may have or be dreaming of.

Feeling hungry? On the western side of the harbour are plenty of restaurants to get a bite to eat. The majority offer fish in all shapes and sizes, either eat in or take away and at Adamsens you can also buy fresh and smoked fish if you prefer to self cook. There is also the more classic Restaurant Gilleleje Havn where you will also find a stand with fresh bread. Just on the road behind the big grassed area. You can’t miss it.

If you like a swim, the two new swimming jetties are great for jumping in or taking it easy via the steps. If you have small children, there is also a small beach inside the outer harbour which is very sheltered from the wind and waves, should the sea be a bit rough. The water here is also much warmer.

Looking for some retail therapy? Well there are a couple of stores along the main shopping street and the smaller side streets that might do the job! Go for a stroll and see what you can find.