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56° 59.4′ N · 10° 18.5′ E


Harbour Master: +51 52 66 24 · Email: post@halsbaadelaug.dk · Website: halsbaadelaug.dk ·  Tourist Office: 45 99 31 75 30 · Harbour fees: average · Water depth: >2.5 m · Supermarket 400m, ATM 200m · Suited to all who are heading down the Limfjord.  

Hals lies at the mouth of the Limfjord on danish mainland. It can come in handy while heading down the fjord or if you are on your way to Skagen or Laesø. It can break a longer tour and gives you the chance to take care of some grocery shopping and washing.

From the marina you can watch boats coming and going or head off for a game of golf at the nearby course. There is a Sparekassen ATM in Torvet 1.

Go, See and Do: 

If the wind isn’t blowing too hard, try your swing at the local golf course just to the east of the marina. There are less attractive spots to hit a golf ball!

If you are in the need for some retail therapy, take a bus to the town of Aalborg further along the fjord, either Line 1 or 176 at Østergade 19, just near the supermarket.