Island Denmark helm water sky beach kattegatt blue

56° 07.55′ N · 10° 47.38′ E


The small island of Helm im Kattegat doesn’t have a marina but it is great for a short stop on a warm summer’s day.

Lying in the waters in the southwest end of Kattegat not far off the Ebeltoft Peninsula Hjelm has some great spots to throw an anchor on a calm day. The water is crystal clear so swimming around the boat is pure joy. You can throw you anchor quite close to the beach on the western side of the island and swim to land for a walk. The beach is a long one and quite steep in places, so you can sit in its curves of warm, rounded rocks as if in a chair.  A great way to relax, no beach chair required!

Or just listen to the seagulls and let time pass by until the wind picks up and you can move on.

Hjelm is a privately owned island, so if you do go on land, please do stick to the beach or paths and refrain from going too close to the buildings, making sure to respect the privacy of the residents. By Danish law visitors are only permitted to walk on and around private islands during daylight hours. Disturbing behaviour or camping are prohibited. And you must keep a distance of 150m to all buildings, whether you are on land or in the water.

Hjelm is only recommended on calm days as the current does push the waves around the small island should the wind be stronger than 3bft which can make mooring not so pleasant after all.

Island Denmark helm water sky beach kattegatt blue

Island Denmark helm water sky beach kattegatt blue