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Harbour master: +45 49 70 23 78 ·  email: hornbaekhavn@mail.dk · Website: www.hornbaekhavn.dk · Tourist office: +45 49 70 47 47 · Depth: >2.5m · Harbour fees: above average · Free Wi-fi, good shopping and eateries

Hornbaek is one of the more mundane spots on the northern  Sealand coast. It is a pearl for the active, eating out and if you like strolling around some stores. The marina does become very busy and sometimes quite loud on certain weekends, but if that is what you are in for, it is the place to be!

Supermarket great, just up the main road, for the bakery take the street off to the right. Further on you will find quite a bank. There are also quite a few interesting stores in this area, especially if you like browsing around second-hand and Scandi style.

In recent years the number of larger motor boats has increased here, particularly on the weekends, so if you are on a smaller sailing boat keep it in mind when choosing your spot. Best choice could possibly be the inner harbour area.

Go, See and Do:Hornbaek Denmark coast harbour boats sky boatingthebaltic.com

Go for a walk, ride or run east of the harbour through the forest. There are great paths winding through the wonderful trees there. Alternatively there is a great path leading out west just behind the beach which is also quite suited to walking or running. It starts at the end of Øresundvej. Wonderful of a morning! On the way back it is lovely to take the detour along Kystvej, where all the lovely houses are. The street is also lined with trees so it is very green indeed.

Looking for some Scandi decor objects? Then stroll around town and take in the various shops and stores. You should find something that suits.

If the weather is warm head for the beach for a swim. Onshore winds will give you some waves which are lots of fun , especially for the young ones. Don’t forget your boogie board! There are beaches on both sides of the marina, whereas the western side tends to have less seaweed.

Go for a coffee, meal or live music at the Café Hornbaek Strand on the corner of Øresundvej and A R Friis Vej. This is the spot to be of a summer evening! You can have a hit of mini golf here too. If you are craving an icecream grab one just up the road at Det Lille Ishus. Heading further inland there are a few other eateries to try if you prefer not to heat up the stove, which can help keep the boat cool on a hot day.

Watch the sun sink into the water of an evening from beach or the pier!