hørup Denmark als village

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Harbour master: +45 74 41 61 20 · Website: hoeruphavhavn.dk · Depth: >2m · Harbour fees: average incl water and electricity · Free WiFi · Bank and Supermarket nearby · Suitable for those looking for peace and quiet

Høruphav lies sheltered between Als and Kegnæs and is a bit like Sønderborgs smaller, quieter sibling.

Quite a few non-locals have their boats here, so there are often lots of boxes free on the weekends when they are out. Hørup is a lovely quiet marina with even more barbecue areas and newly renovated amenities. The natural setting is a wonder for finding some peace and quiet and it isn’t far by bike or bus to Sønderborg, but you can get all supplies here in town.

Go, See and Do

Walk, cycle or jog around the paths along the coast and through the forest to the west of the Høruphav marina. The gate just behind the barbecue area is the place to start. Go for the alternate route over to the beach, then follow it around back through the forest to the marina.

If you are looking for a longer hike, the Gendarme track begins at the marina. You can follow the path along the coast all the way to Sønderborg and take a bus back, or return by foot if you prefer. It meanders along the cliffs, through the forest, and over fields. The complete path goes on further to Padborg, 74km in all. More information in german and danish here, otherwise check the info board on the corner to the car park.

Enjoy  dinner at the Hotel Baltic just behind the marina. It won’t be cheap, but delicious.