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55° 27,1′ N · 10° 40,1′ O

Harbour master: +45 65 15 15 37 ·  Website:· E-mail: · Tourist office: +45 65 32 11 21 · Depth: Marina: >2m, Canal: 3m watch for currents · Harbour fees: average · Free Wi-fi · Bank/ATM nearby· Lively marina, great for families.

Sometimes you have to tack hard against the west winds to get across the bay to Kerteminde. But the larger town with great beaches and the Fjord center make up for it. That’s if you are not looking for a quiet stay. The marina is quite large and can get crowded, there is often lots going on and unless you can tie up in the canal you will have neighbors. If you are in for a bit of a yarn, or if your kids need entertaining, it is not a bad choice indeed.

The playground is right near the marina, there is a supermarket, bakery and fuel station west of the marina on the southern end and there are several eateries for a meal if you prefer to go out. If you have had a hard haul getting up the belt it es sometimes a good idea to stop here to recuperate, stock up on supplies and let the kids run around, go for a swim, fish or try to catch crabs.

The main shopping street is the Langegade, which starts at the small bridge over the canal and runs to the north and long enough for a relaxed stroll and some retail therapy. A large sporting store is located directly behind the Havnekontor.

In case you get stuck here in bad weather, jump on the next bus to Odense, Denmark’s third largest city. There is station located just between the supermarket and the Baelt center on Hindsholmvej. From here you can take the 150 Line to the city center of Odense. The trip takes about half an hour.

Go, See and Do: boats marina lighthouse water summer kerteminde denmark

Visit the Fjord & Baelt research and information center to the northwest of the harbour along the canal. It is a great opportunity to experience the local sea inhabitants including seals and  harbour porpoises. These regional animals are declining in numbers and not many people actually know of their existence in the Baltic. This is a great opportunity for families to stay dry a rainy day and do away with boredom. For more information go here.

Catch up on some culture and visit the Johannes Larsen Museum in Møllebakken. The painter was born in Kerteminde in 1867 and created his own little paradise in a park-like setting which now houses works by several painters.

For a round of mini-golf head to the northern end of the marina to the mini-golf course in Marinavejen and get your arms swinging to sink the ball with precision.

The beaches right near the marina are great for swimming. On the southern side there is a jetty so you can jump right into the clear water for a refreshing start. Or just lie in the sun and observe the goings on below between the slats of wood. To get to this side of the bay you will need to walk along the canal and over the bridge and back again, or take you dinghy or SUP and paddle over!

If you prefer to swim in more traditional style you can use the bathing facility along the pier on the southern side of the canal.

Also on this side of the bay there are quite a few great eateries to help you regain your strength after your swim. Varmestuen in Dosseringen 8a, Restaurant Rudolf Mathis just along gate road at Dosseringen 13, or the Fiske Restaurant Thirsters on the northern side of the panel between the Fjord and Baelt center and the bridge are all worth a try for typical fish dishes.

Or just walk along the beach and admire the small huts that are nestled in the grass. Or throw your line in from either pier to catch a fish or two or just let the time pass by.