Kolby Kås

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55° 47.81′ N · 10° 31.66′ O

Harbour master: + 45 8659 1011 · Depth: >3m · Harbour fees: below average · Good for shelter

As a former ferry terminal on Samsø, the harbour at Kolby Kås is quite large. Unfortunately since the ferry no longer comes here the marina has become a lonely place, even during the summer holidays. Still it is a safe one if you get hit by a storm and need some shelter from strong winds, or just some quiet from all the crowds. Just make sure you have enough supplies with you!

There is still a restaurant here, in the hotel,  and sheltered barbecues and picnic tables. If you are in for a stroll, in the nearby village Kolby Sogn you will find a small store for basic supplies, and ice-cream. Depending on the time of year the potatoes might be ready to harvest along the way. harbour sky boat kolby kas Denmark Samsoe boats boatingthebaltic.com

When very stormy westerlies are blowing you will get a bit of swell coming in.

Go, See and Do:

Go for a walk up the road to the windmill up on the hill. Even if you aren’t a windmill enthusiast, the view west over the island and coast is wonderful! Just follow Kaasenvejen toward Kolby Sogn, it is on the left side.

On calm days you might like to go for a swim to the south of the marina. If the wind is a blowin’, just take a seat up on the pier and watch the waves roll in, one after the other…