Samsø – Langør

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 55° 54.6′ N  · 10° 38.5′ E


Harbour Master: +45 30 10 54 63, · Website: · Tourist office: +45 86 59 14 00 · Water Depth: >2m · Harbour fees: average · Kiosk, vegetable stall and bike hire at the marina· Suited to those who need nature not luxury

At the quite north-eastern end of Samsø is Langør, a former viking harbour that is a great spot for nature lovers. Choose between the small marina or the bay for mooring. Either way you won’t want to leave too quickly.

There is not much to consume here so if you are thinking of staying for a while, stock up before you make your way through the narrow channels in the otherwise pretty shallow waters around the bay.  Langør was once lively and Samsø’s most significant harbour for the vikings, even up to 1880 in fact. As sheltered and hidden as it is, it was strategically safe from attack. Nowadays it is home for lots of birds and the odd sheep and caters for its nature loving visitors.langor denmark water blue quiet boats langør

Do take it easy coming in, whether form the northern or southern side, otherwise you might meet up with a sandbank or two. If you are lucky and you have calm winds or no breeze at all you might spot some harbour porpoises or even seals playing in the waters around the fjord.

On a warm day make the most of the sheltered bay and throw an anchor, if you can find a spot between the other boats. Enjoy the peace and quiet, row paddle or swim over to land and make the most of the natural surroundings.

If you do decide to stay in the marina, it doesn’t take long and you can wander, jog or go for a bike ride too. There is a small vegetable stall on the northern side of the kiosk, and bikes for rent as well. You can order fresh rolls at the kiosk for the next morning.  Make yourself comfortable in the club house with a lovely view over the lagoon. This can come in quite handy if you get hit by a downpour. It has a well set-up kitchen which makes cooking much easier if you don’t have much room on board.

Go, See and Do: langor denmark water blue quiet boats langør

If you haven’t got one yourself, hire one of the bikes near the Kiosk and go for a ride! But be early, they are often all gone by lunch. Head north through the heather landscapes before arriving in Mårup and then further onto the picturesque village of Nordby. If you continue a bit further up toward Issehoved you will come across one of the largest mazes in the world. This will get you giggling. Otherwise continue along the main road until you get to the parking spot, then jump off and stroll over to the end of the island. The landscape and views are lovely.

In Nordby you can take one road off to the west, Ballerbjergvejen, which will take you up a steep climb to the lighthouse Ballerbjerg. Here you have fantastic views out over the water and of the island of Tunø. It really is a must on a warm summer evening. Enjoy the sunset and don’t forget the drinks! In Nordby there are some cafés for a snack or even a main meal. Beware, lunchtime during the school holidays can be very crowded.

Toward the south you will come across the canal in Kanhave. The vikings built this 500m long canal to connect the western side of Samsø with the east, via the Stavns Fjord therefore enabling them to control the waters around the island. It was less than one and a half meters deep, these days the canal is dry.

Depending on how far you would like to go, you can continue along the west coast down to Onsbjerg and inland to the main town of Tranebjerg, heading back north via Besser and Toftebjerg. For more information on the bike paths on Samsø check out

There are quite a few paths for hiking or just taking a stroll around Langør too. Just pull your boots on and go and explore! There are woods, hills, heath and beaches to discover.

It is also possible to hire kayaks in Langør. The fjord offers a great sheltered area to paddle around, with lots of opportunities to observe the bird life. Do take note that some of the islands are conservation areas and people are not allowed. Give this number a call for some more information: +45 22 90 11 00.

There is a great café in Langør, the Smokehouse, you can’t miss it. Here you can get delicious meals and drinks, from lunch through till dinner. This is also the place to order your bread rolls for breakfast, should you need them. Otherwise there is a supermarket in Mårup, if you have a bike. The vegetable stand wasn’t filled this year, due to Corona, but there are some along the road around Mårup, particularly between Mårup and Nordby that are well stocked.

The most important thing is, breathe deeply, listen to the birds and forget your everyday issues.