Læsø – Østerby

Læsø Denmark sky blue water boats grass

57° 32.10′ N · 11° 12.53′ E


Harbour master: +45 98 49 80 27· mobile: +45 20 24 80 27 · www.marinapark.dk  · Tourist office: +45 98 49 92 42, info@visitlaesoe.dk · Depth: inner jetties > 2m · Harbour fees: Above average · Wi-fi weak if marina is crowded · Supermarket with bakery nearby, lots of eateries to choose from, very crowded in Summer, lively, great beach and bike riding

For most, it is quite a trip to Læsø, but once you are there, it certainly has that island feeling. You won’t want to leave too soon. There are two marinas to choose from, Versterø and Østerby. The one you go for might just depend on how the wind is blowing. We chose Østerby last time we were there.

Like us, once you have arrived you might have to spend some time finding a spot to tie up. The marina is often very crowded, due to its popularity and normal boxes are hard to get. Just sharpen your eye and linger around a bit in the mornings, otherwise you might need to get creative. Be aware that some boaters won’t want you to tie up alongside. Consult the harbour master if you have such problems.

Once you have that sorted out, Læsø is full of island atmosphere, it doesn’t matter what you get up to.

Go, See and Do: Læsø Denmark sky blue water boats

The best way to get around Læsø is by bike. the roads and tracks are well-suited and not only the scenery is worth the ride. You can hire bikes right next to the Marina Park building,  if you don’t have any on board yourself. Then just hit the road. If it is windy, it might be a good idea to plan your route accordingly.

We suggest heading east along the coast, over the dunes, then south down Jegensvej, continuing onto Kongenhusvej until you can go no further. Have a picnic here, to recuperate and watch the coastal cows while you are there. Then head back up to Allen, which becomes Tyvhulvejen, that should take you past the houses with the seaweed rooves, a Læsø speciality. Do try to catch a glimpse of these, they are well worth a visit. From here you can take a left onto Grusvejen, head straight back to the marina or continue on east for a longer ride.

You can also run this tour, or just head east along the coastal path and enjoy the view out over the water while pounding the track.

Just west of the harbour is a great long, wide beach perfect for all beach games and great for a swim. To the east is more wonderful coast, if you are yearning for a quieter spot.

Læsø has some delicious local salt from the salt flats, you can even get it in the supermarket. And also available even directly at the marina are beautiful, typical wool-products that are worth looking at if you enjoy natural fibers.

Feeling fit? Then ride down to the Læsø Museum in Byrum and learn all about the history and various typicalities on the island. Otherwise take the 840 Bus from the harbour, which will also get you to Vesterø if you would like a change of marina-scenery. Check the timetable here.

If you are not feeling active, just wander around, go for some food and drinks around the marina or in town, check out some of the shops. Or grab a good book, find a cosy place to rest, or just watch the goings on in the marina. On busy days you don’t need much more entertainment really. There is always something happening here.