lundeborg fünen Denmark coast

55° 08.32′ N · 10° 47.26′ E

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Harbour master: +45 62 25 17 53 / +45 21 48 29 20 · Website: · Depth: >2.5m · Harbour fees: average · Diesel · WiFi · Bank/ATM nearby

Lundeborg is one of our favorite spots in Summer. The atmosphere in the old harbour is great and the beach is wonderful for a warm afternoon or a morning swim.

Lundeborg has two harbours, the old fishing one to the north that fills up quickly or the more modern one to the south where there is generally more room to maneuver.

If you are lucky you might get there early enough to grab one of the rare spots in the old harbour, but you will need to search for them, they’re often hard to catch. But at the end of the day the boats snuggle up together quite nicely.

Go, See and Do

marina blau boats denmark lundeborgWe always come to Lundeborg for three things: the beach, the atmosphere and Jensen’s Fisk & Vin. The water at the beach is clear and there isn’t much weed so a swim is highly recommended! Just above the beach is a camping ground with a large playground so the kids can go between here and the beach and are usually more than happy. It is all very relaxed here and kids love it. If the kids are happy, parents often are too.

There is often a fruit and vegetable stand right in front of the old harbour for stocking up. In the building behind is an art gallery and Loppedmarkt for the cultural and vintage minded. For all fresh breads and other goodies try Picnic to the right of Fisk & Vin, or the re-opened supermarket up the hill at the main crossing. A recently founded association has volunteers running the shop for the sake of all. You might be surprised what you will find there!

If you are looking for a local souvenir pop into the pottery store Pottermaget to the left of  Fisk & Vin.  Here you can even watch the cups, plates, bowls and other pieces being thrown and formed on the potter’s wheel.

For a morning run just take the Kystvej to the south. If you keep left at all crossings the road will take you all the way down to Elsehoved, if you are feeling like a long run. There isn’t much traffic, so there is not much danger of getting run over.