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54° 51.3′ N · 10° 31.4′ E

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Harbour Master: +45 63 52 63 65 4 · · Turistbureau: +45 62 53 19 60 · Harbour fees: Average  ·  Water depth: >2 meters · Suited to: Everybody

One of the most popular marinas in Denmark, Marstal has all you need and lots of historical value as well. The harbour still shows its background as a place for sea farers and the boating-minded alike. The older ships along the dockyards are a sign of the large industrial shipping harbor Marstal once was. And the rows and rows of jetties for the captains of leisure as well.

You can get all you need here, and don’t forget to visit the museum, it is well worth it. Kids will love the playground and parents the BBQs nearby. Marstal is one of those places you like to meet up with friends.

Go, See and Dosky house building red flag roof water beach denmark marital

Visit the Søfartsmuseum to learn much more about Marstal’s seafaring history. Also recommend for children.  Prinsensgade 1. · Tel +45 62 53 23 31·

Definitely stroll around the lagoon to the beach and jump of the jetty or just admire the cute little huts lining the main beach. The red one with the thatched rood is one of the most well-known buildings in Denmark. An alternative is to turn to the right at the parking spot and walk or go for a run along the beach and then back to the right again through the wood, then turning right at the road, which will bring you back to the marina area.

You can get all groceries, ice creams, coffees, dinners and even some homewares for the homely minded here. You will find almost everything along the main street Kirkestræde.

You can hire a bike here, or for about DKK 70 for one day. Ærø is quite long but not very wide, so you should make around quite a bit of the island in a day. Otherwise there are free buses on Ærø, so jump on and go for a ride.

If you are an avid reader, the historical novel We, the drowned by Carsten Jansen is set in Marstal and gives you a pretty good idea of how things were back in the old days. It is well worth reading, although quite long.