Samsø – Mårup

mårup samsoe denmark blue sky boats island

55° 56.3′ N · 10° 33.1′ E

Harbour master: +45 30 10 54 63 · email:· Website: · Tourist office: +45 8659 0005 · Depth: Marina: >3 m · Harbour fees: little over average · Free Wi-fi · Supermarket in the village nearby

Mårup is often third in line on Samsoe, after Ballen and Langør. But for bike rides around the northern part of the island it is a great little spot indeed. On the west side of the island is also offers great sunsets and it isn’t as overcrowded either.

The harbour area is quite relaxed, with the beach adjacent and a cafe as well you don’t really have to go far from it at all. It would be a shame though, as you can start for some wonderful bike rides from here!

There is a supermarket in the village, about 1km away.

Go, See and Domårup samsoe denmark blue sky field island house

If you don’t have your own bikes, try to catch one of the hire ones directly at the harbour and go for a ride. But be warned, you have to be early! Follow the main road and head up to Nordby, a lovely old village to he north. It is well worth going for a stroll and grab a bite to eat or a coffee here too. Try Nordby 13, Café Underground or Work.Play.Nordby. or Lillebjørn. A store for all sorts of goods, many local, is Smagen Af Øen, also in the village centre, you can’t miss it!

Otherwise you can continue north up to the end of the island, at Issehoved and enjoy the view out over the water. You can take some of the dirt roads back, but if you do so, make sure you have a nav with you. It is a great place to rest for a picnic lunch. Then you can spend some more time enjoying the view over the rolling hills down to the water.

Another great spot to visit is the lookout on Ballebjergvejen. It is quite steep toward the end, but of an evening it is the kitschiest place to watch the sun go down around. Take a picnic with you! Be sure to be done at sundown though. It does get dark very quickly after, especially if you have no lights. Just head west out of Nordby.

You might like to take the detour to the Nordby church on your way back, if you are interested in religious buildings. Take Nordby Kirkevej just south of the village.

Needing to go for a run to work up some appetite? If a quick round starting from the harbour will do the job you can take the main road toward the village, but turn onto the track on the right just after the car park. Head over to the forest, then turn left, toward the village. Once there you can take Mårup Havnevej back to the harbour or continue on as you please.