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55° 56.35′ N · 11° 46.1′ E

Harbour master: +45 21 77 93 76 · odsherredhavne@odsherred.dk · Website: www.odsherredhavne.dk · Tourist office: +45 62 52 13 00 · Depth: Marina: >1.5m · Harbour fees: average · Free Wi-fi · Great bay for mooring

Rørvig lies almost at the mouth of both the Roskilde and Ise Fjords opening out to Kategatt. It offers the choice between the marina and mooring in the large tranquil bay. Depending on the weather and your needs, it might be a hard decision to make. Last time we opted for the bay, which was fantastic, mainly due to the warm and calm summer weather. It drew us into the water and over to land for a lovely evening stroll.

The marina isn’t too large though, and is a good pick if you need supplies or don‘t have a dinghy to get you onto land if needed, so it is also very comfortable and still has views out over the bay.

Of a summer day the bay can be quite popular, but it is large enough to fit all. Just throw an anchor and hang out in or out of the water, or take a trip over to land to stretch your legs.

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Whichever you choose do go for the walk along the paths around the bay. The little settlement to the north of the bay is mainly made up of holiday houses mostly set in amongst the trees. You can walk over the point to the Kateggat side of the peninsular and look out across the open water or to Hundested to the east.

Or opt for a stroll or a bike ride between the village and the point. If mooring you can catch up on some supplies and otherwise just enjoy that little bit more bustle.

If you are lucky you might catch the green grocer or the little coffee van Kaffe & Ko at the harbour. Otherwise head for the supermarket about 900m to the south to stock up on groceries.

If you have a bike, take the roads south from Rørvig down through Nakke to the Hovvig bird reservation to observe the wildlife. There is a lookout in a tower especially for bird watching, so take you binoculars with you should you be a ornithographer. It will be worth it!

Looking for a bite to eat? then try the Fiskebistroen right at the marina. Anything from salmon burgers to smoked herring, fish is the way to go here. There is also local beer on offer.

Looking for some entertainment? Then be sure to catch the Nykøbing Rørvig Jazz Festival, this year to be held on the 31st of July and 1st of August. Performances in both towns are free. There is a website, however only in Danish. For all non-Danes you might just have to follow your ears to find the concerts.