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Harbour Master: +45 98 46 10 59 · Website: · Tourist office: Algade 14, +45 98 46 12 44 · Harbour fees: average · Water depth: >2 m · Suited to: everybody

The small town of Saeby on the eastern coast of the northern tip of the danish mainland is quiet a large marina offering various eateries and spots for drinks around the marina.

Saber isn’t a bad place to stock up on supplies, go for a relaxed coffee or even enjoy a cocktail if you wish. You can also make the most of the long beaches and the bustling town center if you would like to do some casual shopping.

The harbour has been built up, with lots of space to walk around and fish from the pier. Locals and the like make the most of this too, which makes for a lively atmosphere. We find the outer basin still nice and quiet, being a bit further alway from the goings anon land. You can sit up on the pier and look out over the water for hours if you like.

The Super Brugsen Supermarket is quite a way by foot, but you can get everything you need there. It is to the north of the harbour quite a way up the end of the main street. The bank is also in this area. Although it is about 1 kilometer forth marina, it is indeed a lovely walk, passing the white church, going through narrow alleys and streets lined with the typical rose bushes along the way.

Go, See and DoDenmark saeby marina

Sit down for a relaxing drink at one of the cafés and bars around the harbour, or even go for a meal at one of the restaurants. Fish is typical and a good choice here. The marina does have a bit of southern european flair to it when the weather is warm.

Go for a stroll or a run along the walkway just behind the beach to the north. On the one side you have the long beach and on the other you can pick which summer cabin you like best. There are lots to choose from. Otherwise venture inland by bike to enjoy the rolling hills and forests around Saeby.

If you are an avid angler try throwing your line from the southern pier for some sea trout, cod, plaice, flounder or mackerel. The fishing is supposed to be very good here. Should you have no luck, pop into Klostergydens Fisk to make sure you have enough for dinner.

Right at the harbour café you can often see the salted fish hanging out to dry. this is a very typical scandinavian way of conserving the fish for later.

If you enjoy mountain biking and have a bike on board, there is an MTB track now in Saeby. Information is at the Tourist office in Algade 14, just to the west of the marina.

If you are interested in a bit of local history, go and visit the Saeby Museum, Algade 1, more information here.