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55° 52 59′ N · 11° 08 38′ E


Harbour master: +45 59 59 03 79, mobile: +45 21 20 31 56 · e-mail: · website: sejerø.dk · Depth: >2m · Harbour fees: Average · Wi-fi · Café and kiosk at the harbour, supermarket in the village

The little island of Sejerø in Kattegat is one of those places that is starting to polish up nicely. The harbour area has already had a bit of a facelift and there is much more to come. With Samsø almost always overcrowded of a Summer’s weekend or during the holidays, Sejerø has become an absolute alternative in the area. Another reason to head over there!

The island was always good for a swim in clear waters, good walks and a little village to walk up to to get some supplies. In the meantime however the harbour now has a great café, a gem of a second-hand store for all sorts of goods. Up in Sejerby village there are more eateries to keep your taste buds a humming.

Go, See and Do  sejero wheat cereal plant golden dry denmark island

Grab a delicious coffee, Hansen’s ice cream or pizza and cold drinks at the café. Definitely one of the positives among the developments here on the island. After trying one of the great ice-cream flavours you can’t avoid having another. The same goes for the pizza, coffee and beer…

Go for a walk around the island. Just head up the cliff to the north of the harbour, you can’t miss the track and stroll along the edge with the fields on your right, and the great view out over the water on your left. Depending on how much time you have you can discover the whole island. Don’t forget to have a look at the church in the village.

Jump into the wonderfully clear water for a refreshing swim on the northern side of the harbour. It gets deep enough pretty quickly so go for the plunge!

Venture up the road into the village for an evening stroll. If you are feeling hungry take a seat at the Restaurant Sejerø, after turning left at the village pond, take the next right, it is just down the road, near the camping area. Great fish dishes to be had!

Pop into the little thrift shop right at the harbour. If you have the time you can spend hours here discovering one interesting object after the other. It is full of surprises! Great for a rainy day. Make sure you have some Danish coins on you. You are bound to find something.