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55° 0.15′ N · 10° 28.2′ E

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Harbour Master: + 45 622 330 80 · Website: · Harbour Fees: average · Water depth:  >1.50m · Café and small supermarket in the village ·  Washing machine · Suited to nature lovers

Skarø is one of those spots that haven’t been discovered yet. The small island to the western side of Svendborgsund likely often gets passed by most on their way to the larger town. But Skarø is a haven for nature lovers and there is great local ice-cream too. Even the queen delight in it as we have heard.

The atmosphere on Skarø is not unlike that of Lyø only most people haven’t found it yet. You can wander around the whole island with great views to all sides and several birds to watch on the way. there is the small village Skarø By is great for supplies. And scoop after scoop of that ice-cream.

One thing to note here is that the marina is not very deep. If your keel is over 2m and the wind blowing strong from the west you might have problems actually reaching the pier. Officially the harbour should be deeper than 2 meters, but it does vary in heavy conditions. So those with smaller boats are definitely in advantage here. The west side of the marina is shallower than the eastern side.  But once you are there, you can sit back and relax.

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You can’t come to Skarø without trying the as good as famous Skarøis, the local organic ice-cream that really is more delicious than delicious. They use birch juice, yes from the trees! Flavors range from blackcurrant, strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry, mango, vanilla to chocolate and more! You can get it at the café in the village from May to August, Østerhovedvej 4, or check some details here. At the cafe you can also order fresh potatoes if you need to stock up.

Our other favorite pastime on Skarø is to go for walks around the island. There are tracks almost all around the coast, and also roads to take you to any point you want to go to. Along the way you can watch for birds, especially around the conservation areas to the northwest at Revet or Skarø Odde and south at Kalveodde. In the north you could see the green frogs and some Scottish highland cattle roaming around to their heart’s desire. There are pamphlets at the amenities building with some maps to help you find your way.

If you do feel the need to see some more buildings and people, you can take the ferry from the marina to Svendborg. On windy days this can be a comfortable alternative to going by a small boat. The current really does rip up and down the sound so with strong winds it does get white rough. The ride takes about 30 mins, you can check the timetable here.

If you have children, let them roam the fields or play at the playground right at the marina.