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55° 04.2′ N · 10° 67.0 E


Harbour master: +45 28 70 69 14, e-mail: · Website: · +45 25 23 20 10 · Harbour Fees: average · Supermarket and Bakery nearby · Wonderful views over the water

Thurø lies opposite Troense and is likely often ignored, good for those who venture there. It is quiet, and offers  wonderful water views.

thurø thuro denmark water sky blue boats building When the wind is blowing from the north you are nice and sheltered here. Take one of the outer boxes, or if it is calmer moor in the bay and spend the evening observing the boats going in and out of the sound or just enjoy the changing light as the sun goes down.

Go, See and Do:

You can jump into the water from your boat for a swim, or go in from the little beach behind Erika’s Hus, just along the walking track after the first wharf.

If you have a dinghy, go for a paddle further up the bay. This end is even quite ok for the kids as not many boats are here and those that are usually look for a spot to moor and chug around slowly.

Do follow the walking track up to the western end of the island, going past lovely houses and glorious trees. It keeps to the water so you can stop anytime and relish the views.