Schlei – Hülsen

Hülsen schrei Germany fjord

54° 32.9′ N · 09° 45.3′ E

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Harbour master: +49 170 774 7223 · · Website: · Depth: 2.8m · Harbour fees: average · Free WiFi · Electricity · Water · Café

Hülsen in the Schlei of northern Germany is one of these places where you hardly think of going to and then, once you have been, you want to go back.

Even after its renovations in 2011 Hülsen is kept its humble but positive atmosphere. It has just the right amount of infrastructure to cater for your needs but hasn’t lost its natural touch. If you are looking for quiet and green you are at the right place here. For all southerlies you can lie calmly in your box and enjoy the view up and down the Schlei, watching the boats go by.

From Schleimünde you need to pass two bridges, in Kappeln and Lindaunis, to get here, so take that into account. They open ten to 15 minutes before the hour while the sun is up. At 6 knots it takes roughly an hour to get from one to the other.

Go, See and Do 

hülsen schrei Germany cafe Follow the track to the west of the marina to a sheltered grassed area where you can enjoy the sun and slip through the reeds for a swim.

Take the track at the car park leading to Bohnert Hof for a good walk of about an hour (3.8km). It will lead you through trees and along paths to Bohnert Hof, then up the hill and past cow and sheep paddocks, between fields and woods along the narrow country roads to Bohnert, then back over the hill and down to Hülsen.

If you have bikes, there are several paths and roads across the country side leading from the marina. Check the information board at the parking area.

Don’t miss the smoked fish at the Hafencafé right at the marina in the Summer months!  Trout and salmon are smoked for the evening meals, starting at 6pm. Be sure to book a table at the café or you might miss out: +49 71 815 6012 or just pop in. The café is open during the day for snacks, coffee and cakes too. Other special dinners are planned throughout Summer as well.