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54° 39.55′ N · 9° 56.15′ E


Yacht center: Harbour master: +49 4642 1563 · anker-yachting.de · Depth: >3m · Harbor fees: average · Supermarket nearby

Henningsen & Steckmest: Harbour master: +49 4642 3805 · scalaryachten.de · Depth: >2m · Harbor fees: average · Supermarket, bakery and restaurants nearby · Our favorite

City marina: Harbour master: +49 4642 3156, gastliegerhafen@t-online.de · Depth: >5m · Harbour fees: average · Supermarket in town, restaurants and bakery nearby

ASC marina:  Harbour master: +49 4642 5404 · arnissersegelclub.de · Depth: >2.1m · Harbour fees: below average

Kappeln is the second largest town along the Schlei and has several marinas to offer along its northern bank.

You can choose a lively spot near to the centre of town or opt for some more peace both to the north or south. In all spots be aware of the strong currents depending on wind direction and strength. This does often cause problems maneuvering into the boxes.

In Kappeln you will find all you need regards bakery, restaurants and also abundant shipping supplies and wharfs along the waterfront. For a supermarket you will need to walk up into town, go past the church to the town square (where there is also an alternative bakery) turn left, then take the next right and you can’t miss it at the end of the street. Alternative there is a large Edeka behind the Anker marina and wharf.

Our favorite marina is the most northern one, first up coming from Schleimünde as it is nearest the fields and therefore a bit more peaceful than the ones closer to the bridge (which opens hourly at 15 minutes before the full hour.

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Catch one of the ferries that tour the Schlei, from Schleswig up to Schleimünde, stopping at some picturesque spots, like Sieseby and Missunde.

If you have been stuck on your boat for too long and are looking for a bit of movement, hire a SUP at Intersport in the Poststr 14 and go for a paddle.

There is a weekly market Thursdays from 7.30 until 12.30 at Deekelsen Platz for local fresh produce.

Looking for some smoked fish? Follow the three high chimneys!

If you have small children or just enjoy old fashioned train, take a ride on the old steam train, just near the bridge. It runs on the weekends and wednesdays once or twice a day. Check the timetable here.

There are many events in Kappeln during the Summer months. The Herring Days in May for example. Check the calendar for some dates here.