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54° 41.0′ N · 09° 59.6′ E


Marina: Harbour master: +49 4642-6571, · Depth: >2m · Harbour Fees: below average if you pay at the machine, otherwise €2 extra

Modersitzki: Harbour master: +49 0151-17772622, · Depth: >2m · Harbour Fees: below average · Free WiFi

Tucked just inside the Schlei, Maasholm is hard to miss on your way in or out of the Baltic fjord.

The main marina at Maasholm is a large one and caters for all needs.  Many boat owners from further inland keep their vessels here. Being so close to the Baltic Sea, you are out and about quickly, making the trip to Denmark in a couple of hours. Maasholm itself is a small town and only really lively in the warmer months.

We prefer the marina to the northwest of the town, at Modersitzki. It is much smaller and if the outer pier is free you can tie up and enjoy the open view of the water and landscape beyond. Going for a cooling dip is also much easier directly off the boat. It is quite shallow around these parts, so stick to the channel. Alternative you can moor in the lagoon to the north of the town on a calm day.

There is a small supermarket and a bakery in town as well as a kiosk for the typical Fischbrötchen at the main fishing harbour.

Go, See and Do

maasholm schrei germany boats blue sky waterGet some fresh or smoked fish from the Fischräucherei Petersen in Ulleweg 47, or ready to eat at the kiosk at the harbour.

While you are in Maasholm take the chance to walk or run around the Maas (‘Maasrund’) and maybe even a detour over to the beach. There is a walking track just on the right hand side of the main road as it comes into town, leading out to the dyke, around the tower and back over fields to the town again. Alternative you can start off at the eastern side of the main marina and head north along the dyke. Some prefer to go for a stroll through town first. At the tower you have the chance to take the path right to go for a longer walk over to the sea bird conservation building on the beach.

Much of the wildlife is protected in this area, so be careful not to disturb it. On the eastern side of town it is not a good idea to go surfing, paddling or romping through the swamp or the like. Please do stick to the tracks and be aware of the signed-off areas.

The lagoon between to the north of Maasholm is a perfect spot for beginners to practice their surfing skills. The water is shallow and you will almost always wash up on land nearby, should you lose you bearings. Follow Ulleweg from the marina for the shortest way to the surf school.

The Schlei is great for fishing, so depending on the time of year, grab a permit and throw out a line!

Just behind the large amenities block at the main marina there is a popular grassed playground for those under 10. The flying fox is always a hit and the monkey bars, see-saws and swings do the rest.