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54° 40.0′ N · 10° 02.2′ E

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Harbour master: +46 4642 921133/ +49 172 72 15 366 · Tourist Information: or · Depth: >1.0m Harbour fees: average · Free WiFi ·  Restaurant Giftbude opens during Summer holidays

At the mouth of the Schlei, Schleimünde is a little haven popular with all. It’s just so hard to get a spot on a sunny afternoon…

If you want to stop here, you have to be early. Fridays and Saturdays in Summer are packed, often with regular guests. The better the weather, the lower are your chances if you arrive too late. The marina is not accessible by vehicle, only by boat, which raises its exclusivity of course. There are 19 boxes, but it is possible to share if the boats fit, or line up in the second row.

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Schleimünde is a wonderful relaxed spot on a warm day, you can swim either in the Schlei or on the Baltic side. There are barbecue spots and room for tents for all who prefer to sleep out. You can’t walk very far from the marina due to the nature conservation area, so don’t plan on going for a long walk or run. Swimming or stand-up paddling is the best movement you will get.

Here’s a little bit of history for you:

The Schleimünde lighthouse went into action in 1861 and with its modern halogen light can be seen from up to 15 nautical miles away. Between 1790 and 1980 Schleimünde was home to a pilot who helped ships navigate into the shallow waters of the Schlei Fjord. He assisted up to 260 ships annually.

Nowadays several buoys have taken over this job and Schleimünde has become the popular leisure spot it is. The old pilothouse still stands, offering a great location for seminars and workshops. The peninsular is has lost ground in recent storms, causing worry for some. The birdlife seems to be making the mopst of it though.

Go, See and Do:

You can’t go very far from here without some type of boat. If you need to stretch your legs do try to take part in a tour through the adjoining bird conservation area. Guides arrive with the ferry, just stick around the pier and go along with other bird enthusiasts on the walk through the conservation area otherwise not open to those without wings.

The only eatery is the Giftbude, which has changed management recently, and has some erratic opening hours. It should be open during the local Summer holidays and most weekends as from mid May. If it is open while you are there, do make the most of it. If it is closed and you have a rod and line, try catching a fish off the rocks around the lighthouse. Could beat going hungry.

Otherwise grab a good book, go for a swim or a paddle, try your luck catching fish from the pier, walk around the recently renovated lighthouse, prepare your barbecue or just sit around with family and friends and let the time pass by.

Watch hundreds of boats entering and leaving the Schlei from either side of the mouth to the fjord.