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Schleswig has a pretty long and dynamic past, from being an extremely important district for the vikings, to the humble town full of cultural sights it is today. If you find the time to meander your way down the narrow Schlei fjord, it is worth making the extra leg over the larger lake to Schleswig for a visit to this cultural centre.

Schleswig did ones belong to Denmark but has since 1864 been German territory. In the old part of town called the Holm you can still however see the Danish style houses that surround the cemetery which lies in the middle of the area.

You can also stock up on supplies here, before you make your way back up the Schlei, past the smaller towns and villages. Stroll up the main street and you will find basically all you need. On certain days there is a market in the town square until lunchtime of a Saturday, so be early if you want to catch it.

There are two other marinas in Schleswig, should the two one be full, try the Viking marina at the foot of the tall tower, or the Club jetties to the east of the town.

Go, See and Do

If you come all the way to Schleswig you really should make the most of it and go for a walk around the Holm district to the east of the marina. From here you can continue on to the cathedral which is pretty hard to miss, being so tall. The building is well with a visit, even if you are not religious minded.

For anyone interested in art and history it is definitely an absolute must to go to Schloss Gottorf further west from the marina. This old building houses an art collection and has temporary exhibitions as well. Just check the website to see what is going on and the opening hours. Here you can also check out what is running at other galleries in town.

You don’t need to go very far to find something to ease your appetite either. Just hop off your boat and you will stumble across one of the cafés, restaurants of ice creameries on the pier.  You can’t miss them.

One highlight in Schleswig is a visit to the viking museum and village Haddeby on the southern side of the lake. This settlement was very significant as its location provided high security which made it safe from attack. You can chug over in your boat, or take a bus or a ferry, depending on your plans. The museum has been completely modernised and offers some wonderful artefacts, stories and fascinating insights into the lives of the vikings. It is even great for children. Don’t forget the walk out over the fields to the little village where some people actually do live like the vikings did almost a thousand years ago. From here you can see how secluded the settlement was.