54° 45.5′ N  · 9° 52.4’E

Harbour master: +49 46 43 / 29 11 ·  www.jachthafen-wackerballig.com · E-mail: info@jachthafen-wackerballig.com · Depth: Marina: >2.5m · Harbour fees: average · For nature lovers

Wackerballig lies almost hidden in one of Germany’s northernmost bays, looking north to Denmark. The harbour is set out like an island and is a welcoming stop for all nature lovers indeed!

At the top end of the country, Wackerballig has exactly that which is often not easy to find in Germany: Silence and Emptiness. It is surrounded by nature, whether on land or in the water. You have the vast sky and the long peninsular to help you relax and breathe deep. Not bad for a spot that is often overlooked by many on their way north, south or over to Flensburg.

In Summer it can get a bit more crowded in the village, but being set off the coast, the marina is still nice and quiet. The beach is great for the littlies, as the water is quite shallow. If you are a stand-up paddling  or surfing beginner, the shallow water makes it much easier for getting back on your board.

Go, See and Do                      

You really can’t come here and not go for a walk, run or ride along the tracks in the area. If you are up to it you might make even make it over to the east coast of the peninsular and enjoy the beach there or up to the northern tip. The tracks have signs along them so you won’t get lost. There is a lovely mixture of coast, moor, field and forest, so a great way to soak up nature. Choose the route that suits your capabilities.

If you do make it up to the most northern tip of the peninsular, the Gelting Birk, do take note that it is a conservation area and there are precautions to be taken, especially if you have a four legged friend at your side. You can visit the NABU hut on the western side and take guided tours too. For more information check this site, it is unfortunately only in German, but with a bit of luck you might be able to catch some of the information.

If you stay a few days you can cover a different area every day.

The bay is great for surfing and paddling too. If you are a beginner, the shallow water makes it much easier for getting back up on your board, should you fall in.  In the large building almost on the beach before you go onto the jetty there is a surf school, cutely named Wackerbay Surfschule for all boardy activities and catamaran as well. You can’t miss it. It is open until mid-October, so no more excuses!

In just the same building there is a café and restaurant if you are looking for a meal or snack after your exhausting time out on the water. It is wonderful to sit out on the terrace in the sun and enjoy the view out over the bay.

You can hire small motor boats to head out for a fish too. They are right at the start of the marina.

And if that is not enough, jump into the water for a refreshment or just sit back and watch the birds fly by.