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56° 15.44′ N · 12° 36.57′ E

Harbour master: might need to walk around a bt   · Depth: >1.5m · Harbour fees: below average ·  Great for nature lovers · Small boats only

Arild is one of those fine places that don’t promise much but surprise you with a lot more than you were expecting. In this case, wonderful walks, great views and superb Fika! No wonder artists like to settle here. And we end up staying two nights…

For some it is a big disadvantage that the Arild harbour is so tiny, much to the pleasure of those who make it in and out unscathed. If your keel is deeper that 1.50, you better stay on the pier just as you enter the harbour, otherwise you might get stuck. If there are already two boats there, you are too late. For all of you with smaller boats, make the most of the humbleness and the quiet of this picturesque little village!

Go, See and Doarild sweden coast water houses sky

Arild is a great starting point for strolls, walks, or hikes if you are in for a longer stint. Paths head to the west, in direction of the Kullaberg, taking you up the hill and if you like you can make the longer round trip to the lighthouse and back. For most, the walk up to the Håkull Kullaberg is a hit in itself. Head up the hill towards Hotel Rusthållargården, then swerve to the right along Hagavågen out over the fields, through the forest and slowly climbing up to the lookout. Just follow the blue track. And once there, enjoy the view! Pack a picnic and spread your goods out on the rocks.

If you prefer to stick to sea level, wander along to the sculptures Nimis and the Royal Republic of Ladonia. Also toward the Kulla Berg on the western side.

Only about three hundred meters form the harbour toward the east is a swimming spot sculptured around the rocks if you are in for a refreshing dip!

Should you venture toward the east and come by Skäret, you can’t go by the cafe Flickorna Lundgren in the traditional red wooden house for some coffee and fabulous cakes, even some hearty snacks. It is well worth the 4km round trip. Romantic Sweden at its best!

Looking for a place to go for dinner and some good wine? Definitely one highlight that you would not expect in Arild, is the vineyard with its restaurant Arilds Vingard. Yes! A vineyard in Sweden! Open in the warmer months up on the hill it also has rooms if you have unexpected new crew members and no room to bed them! Enjoy! There is even a second vineyard nearby, on Store Vägen 158, heading out of town, Villa Mathilda.