arpö island sweden

56° 08.18′ N · 15° 25.52′ E


Not far west of Karlskrona, Arpö is one of many smaller uninhabited islands in the Blekinge archipelago.

That is, no humans live here. There is a herd of cattle and some sheep grazing though, so do be careful not to disturb them too much when exploring the island. It is an intriguing sight, to see sheep and cows munching of grass right down near the water’s edge on an island otherwise left to its own devices.

There is a an old jetty here, but the water is only about 1.5m deep along, so only suitable to smaller kieled-boats. All the better just to throw an anchor close to the rocks, especially on the calmer northern side. From here it is only a short step off the boat and you are in the water for a swim.

Apart from the dry loo near the landing, where the main walking track heads south, there aren’t any amenities. Picnic tables are also here if you prefer not to sit on the rocks.

Walk around, swim and be merry.

arpö island sweden rocks water

arpö island sweden