Ven – Bäckviken

55° 54.3′ N · 12° 41.5′ E

Harbour master: +46 708-57 25 55 · Info on the Net ·  Depth: >2m · Harbour fees: average ·Often crowded,  Cycler’s paradise

Being island junkies we always tend to chose the island over mainland when we have a choice. Recently we had exactly such a situation. Landskrona or Bäckviken on Ven? Of course we chose Ven! And what a good decision it was. Until then we had only been to the western harbour of Kyrkebakken, and now we fell in love with Bäckviken too.

Both harbours are quite similar, only that the village surrounding Bäckviken is a bit larger and a tad more lively. This is mostly due to the ferries coming and going bringing all the visitors to the island who don’t have a boat themselves. Nevertheless the atmosphere is still cosy and relaxed, the water is great for swimming, and the tracks wonderful for walking or cycling.

Go, See and Do:

Definitely grab your bike or wander up the hill to the hire one and cruise around the island. You have the coast, the fields, quaint houses, and all those great views over the sound whether toward Sweden in the east or Denmark to the west. There are soooo many bikes to choose from, in all shapes and sizes, you should find one that suits. Here you can check out some more info.

There are some little cafés and shops around the harbour that are worth visiting, especially if you would like to support some local craftspersons.

If you enjoy a swim, do go for the plunge off the swimming jetty in the southern corner of the pier. Don’t let the cold water scare you off early in the season, it is very exhilarating indeed! And as clear as you will get!

Maybe you would like to check out the harbour on the western side of the island Krykbacken. It is a good ride or walk and from here you can enjoy the sunset! If you venture over, do take a look at the church up on the cliff.

Not far from the Bäckviken towards the north you will come across a little street stand for local rape oils and other goodies. At Vens Rapsolja & Skafferi. Just go uo the hill toward the bike hire then turn right.

Feeling fit? Then put on your running shoes and go for a jog. The track to the north is a good one of a morning, leading right along the coast you can catch the early sun. You can take the track to the camping grounds and then turn south or for a longer run keep on going until Huskvägen turns left towards the village Ven and then head back south along Landsvägen to Bäckviken.