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56° 26.0′ N · 12°50.6′ E


Harbour master: +46 (0) 730 – 93 35 22 · Website: bastadhamn.se · e-mail: ulf@bastadhamn.se​​​​ · Tourist office: +46 (0)431 750 45 · Depth: inner jetties > 3m, outer >3.5m · Harbour fees: average · Wi-fi · Supermarket 1km away, cafes and restaurants surrounding marina · beach close by

Situated in a bay, Båstad isn’t really on direct route along the south-west Swedish coast. But if you are in for a game of tennis, a good swim or a hike, it is well worth taking the longer way.

Last time we were here we arrived just in time for the quarter finals of an ATP tournament in July. Båstad was the center of all things Swedish tennis in the 1930s and 40s so it has quite a name in the international scene. As the stadium is right next to the marina and beach we can truly recommend going to see the players battle it out. the atmosphere is great and in the breaks between games your eyes can wander across the water and being a smaller competition nowadays you have good chances of getting tickets spontaneously.

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If you aren’t into tennis and a bit of high life, it might be best to skip Båstad in July. The marina is crowded, the number of large motor boats is up and the music and celebrations are on a high. If you are looking for some late nights and socializing and bustling atmosphere, it is indeed the place to be.

Go, See and Do

The town is settled quite nicely in the bay with some walking tracks heading north which are great for a stroll or a run. They are quite sandy at times so riding a bike directly along the beach one is a bit of a challenge.

Apart from the beach tracks there are a number of longer hiking trails in the area that offer you a wonderful contrast to boating if you like to wander off for hours or even days at a time. It is possible to walk from Båstad around to Torekov for example and take the bus back, or go for the round trip. Take a look at skaneleden.se for a great guide to the local trails around Båstad, and other parts of Sweden as well! The site is in english too and it is a joy to visit, even if you don’t have your hiking boots with you.

From the 12th to the 14th of October this year the Båstad Hiking Festival will premier for those still out on the water late in the season! With 9 different hikes on offer over the weekend it does sound like a great way to warm up! Check this site for all the details bastadhikingfestival.se

If you hit a rainy day or are into some tennis history, check out the Tennis Museum just behind the stadium in Köpmansgatan 2 to relive the likes of Björn Borg and Stefan Edberg.

Looking for a quicker pace, try the Båstad marathon, which takes place toward the end of June.

Once in Båstad you definitely won’t go hungry of thirsty. Around the harbour area are several eateries and bars for all tastes. If you prefer it leisurely, pick up some take-away and head down the pier or over to the beach for an outdoor meal.


marina water sky sweden båstad boatingthebaltic.com

marina water sky sweden båstad boats masts boatingthebaltic.com