Hallands Väderö

hällands vederö sweden skerry rocks sky water island boatingthebaltic.com

56° 52.30′ N · 12° 33.44′ E


www.hallandsvadero.se · Apart from Toilets, no amenities · Café on northern side in Sandhamn

Hallands Väderö is a pearl of an island, the first Swedish skerry bound north on the west coast. And what a wonderful one it is!

Sweden’s southwest coast isn’t at all famous for its skerries, but Hallands Väderö in southern Kattegett, just off the coast near Torekov is a treasure if you enjoy the skerry atmosphere but can’t make it further north. The island has been a conservation area since 1958 and all the better for it. It is perfect for a couple of days of peace and quiet if you manage to find a spot to tie up on the rocks or just linger in the bays.

hällands vederö sweden skerry rocks sky water island boatingthebaltic.com

Depending on your depth, you need to be a bit careful of low-lying rocks, so do navigate by map if you are unfamiliar with the area. The northern bay is no longer available for mooring, so do keep that in mind.

The later in the day you arrive, the harder it might be to find a suitable spot, especially if the weather is mild and calm with westerly to northerly winds.

Once you are there, it is perfect for nature walks. The forests, swamps and rocky coast are great for hiking. Don’t forget your insect repellant. You will need it! There are no sources for supplies on the island, only a café on the northern side, so bring all you need and take all your rubbish with you.

If you are in need of supplies, just jump on the ferry Nanny and go over to Torekov on mainland, take care of all you need and return on the next trip. Round trip costs about 120 SEK, for more information and current timetables check the website.

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Stay a while so you can make the most of the walking trails around the island, some are quit long so do take some water with you. There are also some simple toilets scattered around if you need one. Stick to the paths and watch out for the signs to help you find your way. A visit to the lighthouse will reward you with great views and if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of the seal colony on the western side of the island. The forests are some of Sweden’s oldest, due to not being felled over the years. Therefore the bird and insect-life are quite rich and buzzing! All the more important that you take care and respect this little paradise.

Take some time to sit and watch the animal life on and around the island, be it birds, insects or the local herds. For more information on the nature, check here.

If the weather is kind, go for a swim in the clear, green waters surrounding the rocks. It is wonderfully refreshing! If you have a board, canoe, or dinghy, go for a little self-propelled cruise around the bays and inlets. The calmer the day, the better.

Feeling lazy? Grab a towel, blanket or throw and make yourself comfortable in the best horizontal position possible on the warm rocks and gaze up into the sky. Also wonderful of a mild evening. Stargazing is highly recommended!