Hanö sweden island marina

56° 00.6′ N · 14° 50.2′ E

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Harbour master:  + 46 768 30 08 · E-mail: harbourmaster@hano.nu · Website: hano.nu

Depth: >3m · Harbour fees: average 36-43 foot 260SEK · The harbour is restricted for space, so get there early

Hanö isn’t just around the corner for many on a boat in the Baltic. But if you have suitable weather conditions to get there,  it is one of those islands you also want to go back to.

The view from the top of the hill at the lighthouse is magnificent. To the north you can see the islands in the archipelago, to the south and east you look out across the water for miles. The English were here quite a few years back, so you can visit the old graveyard to the north of the harbour. But go up to the lighthouse first, to get that view and put things into perspective. If you need some strengthening on the way stop in and get a waffle at the last house on the right along the way. A northwesterly will push a swell into the harbour, so watch out for that.

Go, See and Do:Hanö sweden island water rocks

Walk up to Hanö Fyr for the great views, sit or lie down and make the most of it.

To the south of the harbour a lovely walking track starts, that will take you around the southern more forested part of the island. There are some longer and shorter tracks, so take your pick. The landscape here is much different to that of the north with its open fields and rock.
Speaking of rocks, the northern most point of the island, Bönsäcken,  is formed by hand-sized round stones. As the saying goes a troll wanted to build a bridge to the mainland. Well she didn’t complete her feat, but left thousands of these beautifully smooth rocks to roll around in your hands. The sound of the waves rolling back and forth over them is also soothing to the ears.

Off the northern pier is a swimming spot Giselas brygga. Great for refreshing in the clear, usually cold water.

Visit the Seaman’s Graveyard to the north of the village and go on to the northern tip of the island to feel all those stones under your feet.