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56° 16.9′ N · 12° 29.5′ E


Harbour master: +46 42 34 70 07, mobile: +46 727-347687 or on VHF Channel 16 · e-mail: info@mollehamn.de · website: mollehamn.se · Tourist office: +45 86 31 91 33 · Depth: > 1.5m · Harbour fees: average · Wi-fi ·  Restaurant and bar at harbour

Mölle is quite a humble harbour, but it offers a great starting point for walks up to the very impressive Kullaberg, so it really is not to be missed!

Tucked in under the towering cliffs of the Kulla peninsula on the Swedish side of Kattegat, Mölle is easy to oversee. But its isolation is all the better if you do like a good walk and even better views.  Sweden has lots of hiking paths and Mölle lies directly on one of them. Stop here and jump ship. But don’t forget your walking shoes!

Years ago it was actually one of Sweden’s first seaside resorts, and a very popular summer destination at that. The Grand Hotel that overlooks the harbour is a relic of those days. At one stage Mölle was known to be quite scandalous, as men and women were inclined to bathe at the same time. Unheard of back then, completely normal nowadays. In the past years it is rediscovering its old thrive and drawing visitors from all over. mölle water sky sweden coast boatingthebaltic.com

It does get quite windy here at times, bringing swell, so making the harbour not always an easy one to get into, do make sure you take the last marker before heading in. Many a boat has landed on THAT rock and it does make a terrible screeching noise, not to mention the damage to your boat.

Go, See and Do:

Definitely walk along the road to north of the marina up along a stretch of the Øresundleden Trail, to the Kullaberg. It turns into a lovely natural path just after the pool and heads up some steps, across fields, through the woods, along the cliffs to reach the lighthouse Kullen to give you wonderful views out over Kattegat.

The lighthouse is the brightest in all for Scandinavia and stouts a proud history too. There is a café up there as well, so take some time for a rest and enjoy the scenery. Watch out for some seals and harbour porpoises down below. You can indeed continue on around the coast to Arild, that is quite a longer walk though. For more information on the trail, check here.

Go for a swim at one of the swimming spots to the north of the harbour. Follow the trail toward Kullaberg and you can’t miss them. There are a couple of jetties with a pool at one spot, which still has the separate jetties for men and women, and then a bit further on is a great rocky spot at the foot of the tree covered cliffs. with a quaint café to take care of you hunger pains afterwards.

Ellen’s Café is great for a snack, either on your walk, after a swim or just to relish in this lovely natural spot nestled into the hillside about one kilometer along the trail to the north of Mölle town at Ransvik.

To settle the somewhat larger appetite, go to the restaurant Brandstationright at the harbour. You can’t miss it. And for drinks nothing beats the bar about ten meters from the harbour waters Systrarna på Piren. You will often get some good live music here, on a warm summer evening its outside, so you can actually enjoy it without even needing to leave your cockpit if you tied up close enough. And the food is good too.

Years back quite an amount of clay was dug out near Mølle, leading to an active pottery scene. There is still a café which also sells local pottery in town, not far from the harbour. Follow the main road for about 500m, you won’t miss it on your left at Hamnallé 9: Mölle Pottery and Café.