skanör sweden

55° 25.0° N · 12° 49.7′ E

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Harbour master: +46 40 47 11 88 E-mail: Website:

Depth: >1m Harbour Fees: average, but higher if you pay cash · Free WiFi: ATM/bank nearby

Skanör on Sweden’s southwest coast is a blessing, particularly if you have summer weather. The warmer the better.

This little peninsular running of the south west Swedish coast can make up for lots of hard work needed getting there. Coming from the east you need to round the point generously, which can be a rough task depending on wind and wave. Or coming from the north with a current running against you.

Once here you can stay for a couple of days. The swimming is wonderful, there are often regattas and lots going on in the harbour to spectate. Weather permitting you can stay here for a few days.

Go, See and Do:

skanör swedenYou can hire bikes directly at the harbour, just be early in the day, otherwise they might all be gone. Some do have children’s se
ats too.

You can choose between the long beach or the swimming jetty to the north of the harbour, behind the eateries for a swim in clear water.

From the harbour there is a good walking track south toward the lighthouse. It goes past and even through the golf course, so it does pay to keep your eyes up. Along the way are lots of typical colorful Swedish beach huts to admire.

This track is also good for a short morning run, as is the track leading north up to the huts just after you hit the causeway in to town.

If you like smoked fish don’t go past the Skanör Fiskrögeri about 100m along Hamnvägen. And if you are looking for a coffee, snack or wine and a meal try the Fiskehuset or Hyatt Oskars Mäss at the harbour. These are a great alternative for meals in case you don’t make it to the (well stocked) supermarket in town across the causeway (Södergaten 12).

Should you come across a bout of bad weather you can always take the bus to Malmø. It leaves just around the corner from the supermarket in Bangången. Take the Bus line 100, in about 50mins you will be in central Malmö for approx. 60SEK. Infos here