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56° 07.2′ N · 14° 57.5′ E

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Harbour Master: +46 454 661 35, but you will meet him when you try to tie up. Possibly he will yell at you to go to a different spot as the one you have picked out is reserved for one of the locals coming later that day. Be tolerant, that’s how it is here. Depth: >2m · Harbour Fees: average · only room for 12 guest boats · Electricity · Kiosk and Amenities 

Tärnö is on of the larger islands in the Blekinge archipelago in Sweden’s Hanö Bay.

The island is one of those places you are instantly reminded of Pippi Longstocking and other characters by Astrid Lindgren. The Swedish island is idyllic. There is only a small harbour, very few cars, lots of trees and houses lining the coast. A perfect spot for a holiday house or a stop over by boat. It is great for forest walks, lazying about and if you stick around the kiosk you can get to know the locals. In the evening you might be lucky to hear someone playing the trumpet to accompany the sun going down.

Go, See and Do

tärnö swedenWalk! There are tracks to the north and south from the jetty. Going south you will make your way along the houses, then meander  through some forest to the western side of the island to end up on the coast with large flat rocks. Not a bad spot for watching the waves. Heading north around the bay you once again will be able to admire the summer houses, before reaching a sign that points up to the lighthouse. Follow this for a walk through the forest that leads to the lighthouse in the middle of the island, up on a hill. There are wonderful views all-around from here too. This is roughly an hours round trip, depending on your walking speed.

Kids can try to catch crabs along the shallower part of the jetty.

Best is to not do much here at all. Tärnö is very suitable for winding down. Late in the afternoon you can pack your picnic basket and sit on the hill near the jetty for the evening. Others will join you and if you are lucky you might end up singing Swedish folks songs together.

tärnö sweden

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