tjärö boat sweden

56° 10.8′ N · 15° 03.03′ E

Tjärö is one of many smaller islands in the Blekinge archipelago in the Hanö Bay. It does have a small harbour or jetty, but it offers great spots to tie up around its coast too.

In the archipelago there are many islands to choose from for the night. Tjärö is so wonderful natural and wild that makes it one of our favorites. We like to tie up to some of the rings for the night, jump of the boat and go exploring.

For some more information go to or call +46 454 600 63. On the eastern side of the island there is a marina or jetty, and café, (if open), otherwise follow your nose, watch your depths and tie up where it suits you best. One great spot is on the northern side with a view of the neighboring skerry not far from a rock face.

Go, See and Do:

Definitely explore the island! Put on some durable shoes and go for a walk. On the northern side near the jetty for the ferry there is a high rock that’s great to climb up and sit on. Or jump off when you are up for a swim and have no fear of heights. There is a holiday camp in the center of the  island, however it isn’t always accommodated, so if you are lucky you might be the only ones on the island. Then you will able to wade through the long grass and hear hardly a spoken word.

Pick some wildflowers, lie around in the long grass, jump into the water from your boat. Find a spot to set up your barbecue, sit relax and listen to the birds singing.