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 56° 25.11′ N · 12° 38.2′ E


Harbour master: +46 431-36 35 34,  e-mail: · website: · Tourist office:, +45 431-36 31 80 · Depth: > 2m · Harbour fees: above average but even include washing machines · Wi-fi ·  Restaurants and bars at harbour

At first Torekov on Sweden’s southwest coast doesn’t appear all that exciting, but if you stay a bit and get to know it better it starts glowing like a pearl. A fine little picturesque spot along the coast it is!

Once you are here you will notice thee are quite a few unsung traditions that pop up here and there. The most noticeable is that in the mornings and some evenings the locals slip into their bathrobe and stroll down to the local swimming jetty for a dip into the wonderfully refreshing water. Young and old, it is for everyone. Then there is the quite high proportion of weekend and holiday refuges here, to house the Swedes on their coastal getaways or their Summer vacations.

And of course the eateries. You can eat out at quite a number of different restaurants, and cafés surrounding the harbour for days and still not have visited them all. Just don’t forget your savings, eating out isn’t cheap. Torekov seems to be a secret spot for doing things in style along this humble stretch of coast.

Go, See and Do: torekov sweden baltic sea ostsee boats

Join in the ritual! Go down the jetty and take a jump into the water for an invigorating swim of a morning. If you don’t have a bathrobe, just grab a big towel to wap yourself up in.

Take the ferry Nanny over to Hallands Väderö for a day out. Go swimming, for lovely hikes over the island and just relax in the peacefulness of it all. This is the first of the Swedish skerries along the west coast. Even better to take your own boat and moor up on a rock. The ferry doesn’t take long and leaves from the harbour. Tickets are right here too, at the northern end.

Visit the little shipping museum nestled into the corner of the harbour, beneath the high flagpole.  You can’t miss it, it is just the stern end of an old ship, but it’s for free and quite interesting. So small and cute!

Make the most of the extensive hiking trails that wind their ways around this part of Sweden. The Kust-Kustleden, or the coast to coast trail,  literally passes by Torekov so you can choose which way you would like to go. Check here for some more information. Sections 17 and 18 are around Torekov. The paths are well signed and this area is really worth the walk. If you have a couple of days to burn, do a round trip!

And otherwise just indulge in some good food and drink. The classic Hamnkrogen is very traditional and likely to be booked, so it is a good idea to make a reservation. Check the website here. Or you can go a bit more relaxed or do take-away from the Fikshuset. They are both within eye’s distance from your deck, so no need to walk far. There is also the Hazienda, for a good drink just behind the information center, or Rapps konditori for some coffee, on the western side of the harbour, the main bakery is on Litorinavägen 19 if you are looking for a larger selection of cakes and pastries.

If you prefer some on board cooking, the local supermarket is a little walk through town, an ICA at Litorinavägen 12, about a 15 minute walk from the harbour.