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55° 57.3′ N · 15° 42.3′ E

Harbour Master: not always present · There is an automated ticket machine

Depth: >2.7m · Harbour Fees: above average ·  No running water · Electricity not available on all sides

Utklippan is not much but a pile of rocks amidst lots and lots of water. And that is what makes it so special.

South of the Kalmar Sound it is a skerry typical of those further north. It has no trees, and not much dirt either. Utklippan lies quite a distance from the coast so it was and is used as a safe haven, should you need one. The waters in this area can get rough under particular conditions. The harbour itself has been constructed between the rocks of two adjoining islands. Navigating into it isn’t easy but once you are inside, you can rest assured that you are safe. There are two entrances so pick the one that is sheltered from the wind, making sure to watch the depth and the current in the inner harbour.

utklippan sweden islandAnd if you are voluntarily there, all the better. There is not much here so it is a quiet haven surrounded by the sea. You hear the waves, the wind and birds that nest on the island. A nightmare for some, paradise for others. If you are shy of a lack of modern amenities, steer clear of this unique harbour. The WCs are rudimentary. And no, they don’t flush, if that gives you a better idea.

There is a webcam from the lighthouse, which gives a good impression of Utklippan in real-time. View it here.

Go, See and Do

You can’t go far here, but you can explore the islands a bit, especially if you can catch the rowboats for public use to get to and back from each island. Do be careful not to walk through the protected areas when the birds are breeding. Signs inform of the dates and restricted areas.

You can spend lots of time observing the life in the ponds near the rocky edges, or just finding a warm spot on the larger rocks to settle and look out across the water. Wave after wave. There is a great spot on the southern island, shaped like a couch looking toward Bornholm. Take a blanket, you might want to stay for a bit.

There is a café on the southern island, near the other buildings. If you are lucky it might be open!

We have spotted snakes here, at least small ones, so warn your children or wander around together should they be scared.

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