Ven / Kyrkbacken

ven sweden

55° 54.6′ N · 12° 40.4′ E

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Harbour Master:  +46 418-720 82 · Infos at the Kiosk · Tourist office: +46 418-47 30 00 · · Depth: >2.5m · Harbour Fee: average, you might be asked to pay even you only stop by for a few hours · Kiosk but not much more · Bank and Supermarket in Tuna

The harbour at Kyrkbacken on Ven in Øresund is a popular spot on a warm sunny day.

Whether under sail or motor lots of boaters visit Ven from both sides of the sound so you have a lively language mix. Kyrkbacken is one of the harbours for sport boats, and can get crowded on summer weekends. But even then the island is still peaceful. The beach is one main attraction, but the wide fields for walking and bike-riding just the same.

Go, See and Do:

ven sweden islandHire a bike directly at the harbour and ride around the island. There are hundreds of the yellow bikes cruising around along the many paths. Or if you prefer hike around the island’s instead! Go criss cross or just aroudn the coast. It is all worth it.  There are maps available at the harbour or the bike hire to help you find your way.

Visit the St Ibbs church just up the hill from the harbour and take a few minutes to sit and enjoy the view around the sound.

If you are keen on spirits, walk or ride to the Spirit of Hven  distillery in Backafallsbyn. Here you can try the locally produced whisky, gin and aquavit which are made of local ingredients. You can take part in tastings or tours of the distillery. Maybe walking might be the best form of transport if you want to make it back safely to your boat.

Or just relax around the harbour and beach letting the stress fall of you by the hour. In the café Köbmanshuset you can catch a bite to eat and then go back to watch the waves rolling in….